Getting to know you


Acquainting myself

with my departed father

reading his scrap books;

it seems strange that we never

covered this ground together.


by Scooj



Absent father


He used to take us to Hamleys,

on the few occasions we’d see him,

and buy something small

like that plastic stuff

you blow balloons with

through a straw

and then we’d go on to a restaurant;

I always chose sausages and a coke

a rare treat indeed.

He didn’t really spoil us, in fact

it was probably the least he could have done

but we always looked forward to those days.

It must have driven our mum mad.

well now his absence is for good and I shall miss him

and his rather clumsy efforts at being a father.


by Scooj


Water vole


Dearest old Ratty

numbers are fast declining

from habitat loss.


‘Poop poop!’ said Toad seemingly

unaware of Ratty’s plight.


by Scooj


  • On the recent news that the water vole is Britain’s fastest declining mammal species mainly due to loss of suitable habitat and predation by mink. Thank heavens they are captured so beautifully in the form of Ratty in Kenneth Grahame’s ‘the Wind in the Willows’.