In the morning chill

fathers in holiday shorts

queue up for croissants

content in the knowledge that

their families aren’t up yet. 


by Scooj. 





deception masks a higher

imperative to

survive juvenility

into metamorphosis.


by Scooj

  • Below – the peacock butterfly that inspired my first haiku. This Tanka is about the peacock butterfly caterpillar.
Peacock Butterfly, Haiku 1
Peacock Butterfly, Haiku 1

(why I don’t like) Ivy


Its relentless surge

strangling dispassionately

all it encounters

and the berries, destined to

paint my car in pigeon poop.


by Scooj


  • I was going to leave this as a haiku, but had so much more to say, and the rage in me added the two extra lines to make the tanka. The first version used a different word to poop, but I moderated it a little. Feel free to use the original word if it makes it more impactful.