Pain au chocolat


Early morning trip;

warm smells of the bakery

wake the living dead.


by Scooj



27. Rosemundy, St Agnes

Strictly speaking this is street art, because it is a painting on a street, however it is likely to be a precursor to the rather more edgy stuff we are used to these days.

Tony Giles, St Agnes
Tony Giles, St Agnes

This small mural was painted by an artist, Tony Giles who lived in St Agnes from 1961 until his death in 1994. Originally from Taunton in Somerset he was known for his landscapes.

Tony Giles, St Agnes
Tony Giles, St Agnes

I wonder if he lived in the house behind the wall where this mural is.

The figure always reminds me of the cartoon ‘Pearly Kings’ in Mary Poppins.

I like it.


26. Churchtown, St Agnes

This brilliantly executed street art is one of my favourites of its type. Simple, witty and anarchic. I wrote a Haiku about it a little while ago.

There is not a lot of street art or even graffiti in this part of Cornwall, so this is a bit of a rarity

There is no point in trying to find out who did it, as I think it is a creative one-off.