Boring, Boring Chelsea

Chelsea strut their stuff

‘we deserve respect’ they bleat

no! You earn respect


by Scooj

I was prompted to write this following the Arsenal v Chelsea match last Sunday. It was a nil nil draw, which saw Chelsea play a negative defensive game. At the end of the match, the Arsenal fans sang ‘Boring boring Chelsea’, which was an ironic self-reference to the days when Arsenal were boring and used to grind out results without flair or class. That team were labelled ‘Boring Boring Arsenal’

Chelsea are a bit precious, and have been complaining to the media that they should be respected. So, despite leading the Premier League by a country mile, they have not endeared themselves with the British public, and this side unfortunately, are unlikely to remembered as anything other than efficient. They need to earn respect not expect it.


7. Roll, pitch, yaw

Friday 25 March 1988. Koei Maru 30

I have made friends formally now with the bosun bloke – he is called Abe (Abey) (I don’t know the spelling but that is as close as I can get) – he has been fishing for 20 years, most of that time in West Africa – from Senegal to Angola – for tuna. He learned his English at that time. He doesn’t like working on a jigger for two reasons; it is night work and you miss the days and it is not hot in the Falklands…well, compared to the equator, I should say not.

I am concerned about my weight – I seem to have lost a great deal it has occurred to me on going to sleep early this morning.



Saturday 26 March 1988. Koei Maru 30

I have established that ‘breakfast’ is at 7-8pm. An odd time. Today I had two steaks – lots of pieces of tuna cooked on the pan and some lettuce and bread – a whole stack of it, with margarine and marmite. I think it all has had somewhat of an adverse affect on my poor stomach. Being 12:30am I can now tick off yesterday in the back – great! It has started up a bit choppy – the ship is rolling quite heavily at times and my stuff gets flung across the floor, or from one end of the cupboard or fridge to the other.


The clinometer registers the amount of roll – I will investigate. I drank my first coffe from a can tonight while working in the pound – ‘Radar’ gave it to me. It was white with two sugars and Luke warm, but refreshing nonetheless. I was expecting much worse. Having said that, it was like drinking a coffee at the end of a dinner party which had been neglected for a quarter of an hour, due to excessive chat about this or that…what are you up to these days? Well I’m…=cold coffee.

It turned cold last night (today). I was cold in bed but too tired to put on my tracksuit – a tiresome problem encountered many times at Strathmore Crescent, Manor House Road and Holyhead Road. (These were all student digs I had at Newcastle and Bangor Universities).

I am totally absorbed by David Copperfield, I hardly want to put it down, I seem to be reading at the expense of all other things – which is not bad, since the other things tend to be gazing into space, sleeping or writing.

A different emphasis

A departure from the natural history haiku today


Public sector cuts

diminish the services

we take for granted.


by Scooj

I work in the public sector and with the UK election in full swing I thought I would start to voice my thoughts through haiku. It isn’t just health and education (which are reasonably well protected) it is all the other public services we should be worried about. Especially when it comes to the environment.