Seasons are changing


Conversation stops

outside the kitchen window

brimstone butterfly.


by Scooj



2126. Spring Hill

The day I found Banksy’s ‘Rose Trap’ turned out to be rather special for another reason. I had taken a detour from my normal route in to work , and rather than try to return to my normal route, I decided to just meander a little in the right direction. It was a great deceision because only 100 meters or so from the Banksy was this stunning piece by ATM.

ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019
ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019

I have known about this lynx for some time, which I think it was actually painted in November 2016, but I never managed to find it. Sometimes life just catches up with you, and good intentions fly out of the window. In a way, finding a piece like this without intent is somehow extra rewarding… it is like receiving a gift that you weren’t expecting.

ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019
ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019

The sensational piece is nestled at the bottom of a very steep and narrow cobbled lane that leads up to Cotham. On his twitter feed at the time, ATM wrote:

Bring back the Lynx! We need top predators for healthy ecosystems

This tweet I think tells you how much ATM cares about wildlife, and he uses his art to raise awareness and get people thinking about the world around them.

It is unfortunate that the patches (presumably covering up tags) weren’t properly colour-matched with background, but great that someone cares enough to keep this piece in great condition. Let’s hear it for the lynx.

1850. M32 Spot (30)

I took this picture a little while back, and thught I had published it, because it is quite similar to a couple of other pieces by Kool Hand. But I hadn’t so here it is now. Kool Hand creates distinctive natural world creatures, such as this orangutan with strong black outlines and bold solid colours. The pieces are simple, but effective and he has carved out this neat style.

Kool Hand, M32 Spot, Bristol, May 2018
Kool Hand, M32 Spot, Bristol, May 2018

Most of his work is set on a white background, which probably brings out the pieces in a clearly defined way, uncluttered. He is a tidy artist. I haven’t yet met Kool Hand, but as with all artists in Bristol, it is just a matter of time before we both pitch up at the same place at the same time.

1849. Upfest 2018 (90)

Kin Dose is a Bristol artist who doesn’t hit the streets too often, but at Upfest 2018 he really excelled himself, spraying several wildlife stencils along the North Street area. This is the second one I have featured in Natural Adventures.

Kin Dose, Upfest, Bristol, July 2018
Kin Dose, Upfest, Bristol, July 2018

This piece, a bat of some description, is perfectly fitted to the utility box on which it appears, and kind of blends in a little so as almost to be invisible to the passer-by. You can tell, at Upfest, the difference between general visitors and street art ‘hunters’ as the latter are always looking at every wall, every door, every side street, every lamp-post, every utility box, in fact pretty much everything, whereas the former tend to stroll along chatting and seeing art almost passively.

Lost my thread a bit there…anyhow, this piece, along with its partners is something really special, which is what Kin Dose does so well. Special.





In a year of whites

a spot of late summer sun

brings out the colours.


by Scooj


On observing that it has been a terrible year for butterflies in the UK except for the white species which appear to have thrived in the dry conditions. This afternoon however I have spotted a couple of colourful butterflies, a speckled wood and one other.