Seasonal find


Left out to be found

a little baby Jesus

painted on a rock.


by Scooj




1897. M32 roundabout J3 (110)

The penultimate post from this magnificent paint jam in November on the long high wall of the M32 roundabout features this outstanding piece of writing by Smak. I am so full of admiration and awe really when I look at this artist’s work and try to figure out how he arrives at his designs and then carries them out so meticulously.

Smak, M32 roundabout, Bristol, November 20189
Smak, M32 roundabout, Bristol, November 20189

On this wall Smak is in great graffiti writing company, with contributions from Deamze, Hemper and Soker. It really is a feast for the eyes when this lot get together.

1896. Franklyn Lane (1)

There is a reward for those who wander. I took a little walk in St Pauls a short while ago and went down a back street I’ve never been down before and there on an old derelict building I found this interesting piece on dit of board covering a door.

Aicha, Franklyn Lane, Bristol, November 2018
Aicha, Franklyn Lane, Bristol, November 2018

The drawn sketch, which I assume is by Aicha, is an unusual find and one that would more likely be found in a studio or gallery. It is also unusual because it has been drawn directly onto the surface, rather than on to a piece of paper and pasted up. I have not heard of Aicha before so can tell you nothing about the artist. I am guessing that I might have seen some tags from this artist before. A fine creative sketch and welcome contribution to the Bristol scene.

1895. The Bearpit (170)

We are lucky in Bristol to have people like Decay who continue to spray down at The Bearpit in spite of a Council determined to clamp down on spraying. Most of the decent work down there is confined to the boards that were put in place by the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC), and this is where most of the recent work is, like this one. All the other walls are regularly buffed (at some expense ) by the Council. The paint doesn’t even get to dry before the taggers move in. It is an insane cycle of self-destruction. I really think that the Council need to devise a better plan. The Bearpit has the opportunity to become the best legal wall in Britain if they just try to think outside the box.

Decay, The Bearpit, Bristol, November 2018
Decay, The Bearpit, Bristol, November 2018

This Decay piece was a nice surprise for me as I rarely expect to find much down in The Bearpit these days. Great letters (DK) and for good measure two of his little character faces. Unfortunately there is a small poster slapped right in the middle – I guess it’s all part of the furniture.

1894. Dean Lane skate park (178)

I have not been able to get out and about much recently so I think I might have missed quite a lot of street art that has since been overwritten. I was lucky enough to have found this little lion playing the high hats by Roo.

Roo, Dean Lane, Bristol, November 2018
Roo, Dean Lane, Bristol, November 2018

Roo, I think, is a London-based artist who I know often paints with SkyHigh. When I see this, I wonder whether I might have missed something from SkyHigh or whether Roo just happened to be travelling in Bristol solo. Whatever, this is a rather tidy souvenir from his visit.