1839. The Bearpit (168)

Mr Draws is not being quite as busy on the streets these days, so it was a welcome surprise to come across this recent piece in The Bearpit on my way in to work, especially as Bristol City Council are making it very difficult for anyone to do anything beautiful in The Bearpit at the moment.

Mr Draws, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2018
Mr Draws, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2018

This piece just screams out ‘doughnuts’ to me…I’m not sure if it is meant to, but it does. It is alwats great to see these happy pieces by Mr Draws, whose colourful works definitely brighten up the place.


1831. The Bearpit (168)

This is the third piece that I have found in The Bearpit by ‘out-of-towner’ Tommy Fiendish. It is quite different from the other work of his that I have seen, both of which are quite edgy and slightly odd, and is a rather curious domestic living room scene.

Tommy Fiendish, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2018
Tommy Fiendish, The Bearpit, Bristol, March 2018

I love the perspective and the old TV, the Nike shoe box and the plants. I can’t quite make out what is going on with the walls…is it a tagged wall exposed or is is something that has been stuck to the wall? There is probably a story here, although I’m not too sure what. Maybe there are some memories the artist has from his childhood. An interesting and unusual piece.

1827. The Bearpit (167)

I haven’t seen anything new from Decay since Upfest, and I know he has done some pieces in Cheltenham, but I still haven’t had time to venture over there, so I thought I’d post this oldie from my archive.

Decay, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2016
Decay, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2016

This piece was sprayed not long after Decay moved to Bristol and I think was the first deviation from his usual concentric shapes around a face that I had seen (I think from recollection). The piece oozes class and the drips , the drips are expertly done. Can’t think why it’s taken me so long to post!

1826. The Bearpit (166)

I absolutely love this old one by Face 1st in The Bearpit, with its copper tones and trademark hair spelling out FACE. I guess that fairly soon I will need to do a gallery of his work because I have quite a large collection from the last three years.

Face 1st, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018
Face 1st, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018

What I really like about this artist is that he is relentless in pursuing his passion and will find any wall in Bristol that he can find and give it a face lift (see what I did there?). Always one of my favourites in Bristol and this particular one is a cracker.

1824. The Bearpit (165)

Another archive piece, this time by the lovely Jee See in The Bearpit featuring his ‘seismic’ writing and a character with jagged stripe under the eye. I love the words Brizz Graff making an appearance – a love for the City and for graffiti. Like minds.

Jee See, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018
Jee See, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018

I met Jee See last week and although I had met him once before it was really nice to consolidate the friendship. He is a real gentleman and interesting guy. I am working on persuading him to take me out spraying some time (when I have practised a bit) – I know he reads my posts, so there is no escaping me. Loads more of his work in archive.

1822. The Bearpit (164)

I have left out quite a few rabbits by NEVERGIVEUP, not deliberately but just because there are so many of them everywhere. This is one from back in January in The Bearpit, at a time when artists were still coming down here and creating great art. Council interventions have been driving the good ‘legal’ artists away and now it is only taggers that tend to spray down here.

NEVERGIVEUP, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018
NEVERGIVEUP, The Bearpit, Bristol, January 2018

NEVERGIVEUP is very fond of his rabbits and has in fact recently set up a new Instagram account under the name @followmyrabbits in which he posts his work from around Bristol and far beyond. This is a nice gold one that lasted a long while.

Heavy hand


Writing on the wall

says ‘nobody wins the war’;

graffiti plays out.


by Scooj


The words were scrawled up on a wall of The Bearpit, walls which Bristol City Council keep on painting only to be tagged moments later. The City Council in their zeal to tidy up The Bearpit (for whatever reason) are not bringing people with them. Their ‘ban it’ mentality is leading to a degradation of a space that only two years ago was vibrant, colourful and tidy. In trying to tackle problems such as addiction and violence and homelessness and graffiti and skateboarding, the clampdown is using the ‘clean up’ of The Bearpit as a deflection of its own failings and those of the Government in these years of austerity, and is wrongly conflating these issues.

Homeless people are not necessarily addicts. Addicts are not necessarily graffiti artists. Graffiti artists are not necessarily skateboarders. Skateboarders are not necessarily violent. Violence is not necessarily practiced by homeless people. And so on…

Work with the people who use this space.

Nobody wins the war.