Sovereignty, what sovereignty?



hypocrisy from Boris

and all his cronies


sovereignty of Parliament

swept aside to push ‘no deal’.



Ground rush II


Last minute packing

checking items off the lists

poor preparation.

No sooner is the boy back

than the girl departs for camp.


by Scooj

Electric storm


Darkest muddy skies

frequent flickering flashes

and muted thunder


by Scooj

* That was some electric storm we had over Bristol last night. I cannot recall ever seeing anything like it. We were getting about 20-30 flashes of lightning every minute for more than an hour. It was spectacular. And only one rumble of thunder right at the start, to announce the light show had begun.


To Dorchester


The engine drags us through

a rich and verdant land

lush from unusually heavy summer rains


The rhythm is punctuated by small stations

boasting tidy flowerbeds and once busy buildings

that slumber now as polluting cars

offer a more convenient means of travel


I am afforded the luxury of time to think

and to stare out of the window

where I see my life dashing by

each blade of grass a memory lost


Closer now to my destination than to my home

the journey has passed all too quickly

I should have liked a little more time, just a little,

to have lingered a while at each of the stops along the way.


by Scooj


* something of a rarity from me. Always a little nervous of sharing poems other than haikus or tankas.

Blessing and a curse


What separates us

from the animal kingdom

is our compassion.


My heart weeps for a fledgling

too sickly to carry on.


by Scooj


  • In a garden hedge in my road, this small ball of fluff was hiding its head from this scary world under its wing. Obviously recently fledged and confused its liklihood of survival are pretty low. It showed no signs of response to noise and will be an easy target for cats or foxes of which there are a great many in the neighbourhood. It was heartbreaking. No sign of its parents.