Climate emergency


Governments tell us

we need time to make changes

‘people aren’t ready’

meanwhile we see Rome burning

I sense a revolution


by Scooj

  • I am sickened by governments around the world asserting that making rapid changes to our fossil fuel habits will not be accepted by businesses or people. Surely the point here is that they must lead us through this difficult time, making those difficult choices, and selling the long-term benefits to their citizens. Sadly they are still in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry and other big players for whom change is costly and inconvenient. History will remember them for the pathetic cowards they are. They are failing in their duty to protect citizens and our beautiful home, Planet Earth. Time to change this ‘old order’.

3999. Sparke Evans Park (12)

It turns out that Nightwayss’ birthday celebratory paint jam corralled a great number of artists and channelled some extraordinary creativity. It is a long time, for example, since I last saw a piece from Laic217 that didn’t feature a skeleton or emaciated character.

Laic217, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, September 2021
Laic217, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, September 2021

In this wonderful piece, the Laic217 has painted a weed smoking, trippy rat, complete with a bucket hat, hoodie and trainers. This is a wonderful little character and contains a nice call out to Nightwayss too. The ‘Mc Trash’ MacDonalds paper cup in the background is a classy touch that adds a bit of commentary. Great work from the man.