Window strike


A sickening thud

but the penny didn’t drop

a dead long tailed tit.


by Scooj


2824. Alfred Street (1)

Photographing street art is a bit of an artifact of my desire to explore and innate curiosity. Last weekend I went to the recycling centre – we continnue to clear out our home, but like a plate of spaghetti, the residual never seems to diminish. I decided o take a different route out and was rewarded with a few walls on Alfred Street that I have never been aware of. The pieces there are not new, but are utterly splendid.

Aspire, Alfred Road, Bristol, March 2020
Aspire, Alfred Road, Bristol, March 2020

Front and centre is this magnificent (citron crested?) cocatoo by Aspire. I can honestly say that I think it is the best piece I have seen from this artist, maybe ever. There is something about the composition, its weirdness, toadstools and alien spaceships and this unphased cocatoo, that simply blows me away. Aspire moving to London was a real pity for us in Bristol, but what a treat to be able still to find ‘new’ work by him. More to come from this hidden spot.

2774. St Werburghs tunnel (148)

I first met Sirens a few years ago in The Bearpit when he was contributing to a paint jam, I think organised by Georgie. I have had a soft spot for his work ever since. His scenes are most unconventional and unlike anything else you see in the city. Often his work contains strong horizons and vanishing points and that interface between humanity and nature.

Sirens, St Werburghs, Bristol, February 2020
Sirens, St Werburghs, Bristol, February 2020

I also know that Sirens enjoys the chalenge of painting in corners, a form of anamorphic art that needs to be viewed from a certain angle in order to make sense. This naive style is instantly recognisable and although not technically up there with some of the Bristol masters, it is original and in a way aesthetically pleasing. I haven’t seen any of his work for ages so it was great to find this one at the tunnel.