Oven ready


What is it that they

admire about Boris J

a sound-bite fraudster


by Scooj


Sorry for getting all political, but I am utterly baffled by the adulation Boris receives. He has an abysmal record in high-office and yet because he promises to deliver one policy item (something he has promised and failed to do before) he is winning hearts (and minds?), but there is no scrutiny of the man and the damage he has done in the past and the damage he might do over the next five years if he is returned as PM.

Cult of celebrity. Enough said.

2620. St Werburghs tunnel (117)

At the Farm end of St Werburghs tunnel a little while ago was this beautifully colourful piece by Corupt, in fact I think it is probably my favourite of his ever. The letter shapes are typical of his style, from the sloping ‘C’ to the ornate stem of the ‘T’, but it is the upbeat fills and childish colours that make this piece stand out from the crowd.

Corupt, St Werburghs, Bristol, October 2019
Corupt, St Werburghs, Bristol, October 2019

The whole piece looks like a child’s colouring-in book (in a good way) and has a lightness and joy about it. A magnificent work from this quiet and often overlooked artist. I have so much more of his work to shatre with you.

2619. Upper York Street (19)

A stunning piece by Ments on a great wall. This whole area is being redeveloped, and I fear that the wall may have already been demolished, which is a real pity because it has hosted some really spectacular art. The reduction in available walls to paint in this area is going to be a bit of a challenge for street/graffiti artists and is a pattern being replicated all over the city. It will be interesting to see if new areas become popular painting spots in the future.

Ments, Upper York Street, Bristol, October 2019
Ments, Upper York Street, Bristol, October 2019

The piece is so very typical of Ments’ organic style, and this one has a molten metallic feel about it. The letters spell out MENTS (although the T looks like it is missing). I also get a slight sense of the surrealist Yves Tanguy here, or at least the meltinng shapes and shadows reminnd me of his work. A classy and unusual piece.

2618. St Werburghs tunnel (116)

Within a matter of days of Fiva painting his blockbuster piece in St Werburghs tunnel, Zake gave us this fabulous piece contained within the F. Fiva’s large letters were just too good to resist, and his invitation to ‘paint over me’ was readily taken up by Zake.

Zake, St Werburghs, Bristol, November 2019
Zake, St Werburghs, Bristol, November 2019

I am really taken with this curious piece by Zake which reminds me a lot of the incredible work in Winser McCay’s ‘Little Nemo’ cartoon strips. There is something a little creepy and fascinating about this moon character, an I’d like to see more like this.

2617. Wilder Street (38)

Rezwonk has had a very busy year, and a particularly busy summer, so it is not really surprising that he has slowed down a little over the last couple of months. In general, the turnover of street/graffiti art slows a little during the winter months, which makes sense really.

Rezwonk, Wilder Street, Bristol, November 2019
Rezwonk, Wilder Street, Bristol, November 2019

This piece at the far west end of Wilder street is on a wall that has been curated by Where the Wall, but I am not so sure if it still is because a few ad hoc pieces seem to be appearing. This whole area though is rapidly being redeveloped, and several walls with some lovely pieces have been knocked down in recent weeks. Of course this is a pity for the street art community, but the buildings were falling into dereliction and perhaps no longer fit for purpose. My issue however is that instead of building affordable housing for the local community, which is far from affluent, all the developments are earmarked for student accommodation.

Back to the Rezer piece which is a thoroughly decent burner and which (I guess intentionally) has an effect of being slightly blurry (around the white accents) – or maybe this is an artefact of my failing eyesight. Always good to see work from Rezwonk.