Liz Truss


No self-awareness

no conscience or dignity

misplaced confidence


once disgraced Prime Minister

is attempting a comeback


by Scooj

  • I never thought I’d ever be writing about Liz Truss again in Natural Adventures. She was a busted flush, or so we all thought, but such is the arrogance of the right wing tory politicians in this country and their lack of self-awareness, that they will do anything for power. Jaw-dropping – this is the woman who single-handedly crashed our economy only a few months ago. Who does she think she is?
  • I predict that this might well be the straw that breaks the Tory camel’s back, and sincerely hope so. They have systematically destroyed our country, kept a kotowing working class in their place, dismantled our public services in preparation for privatisation and benefitted only the rich. The re-emergence of Truss will cause chaos in the party.
  • I predict a May 2023 general election.