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day for the cat, her claws trimmed;

Ruben celebrates.


by Scooj


1448. The Bearpit (137)

I have featured a lot of new artists on this blog recently, and this is the latest of them. Daz Cat is a Bristol-based illustrator and graffiti artist who I think is reasonably recent of the street art scene, although I would happily be corrected as there is not an awful lot of information in the Internet to go by.

Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2018
Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2018

His works tend to feature the heads of cats or dogs and often a little message – the one here ‘in fine style’ is used in other pieces too. He has had a recent burst of activity with some pieces, of which this is one, that were painted during the Spring Paint Jam in The Bearpit. More of his work, and perhaps more insight to follow soon.

1445. West Street (2)

I have only seen Pelmo’s work a couple of times, but I know that I really love his work. The soft tone and style of his cartoon characters carries with it a light-hearted humour, and his pieces tell complex stories. His work reminds me a little of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons, but there is a little more tenderness to Pelmo’s work.

Pelmo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018
Pelmo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018

I think that this wall was part of Upfest 2016, but I never made it here before as it is really quite a long way from the Upfest main area. This is a highly accomplished piece and in it is a deftness and confidence in the scene that Pelmo has created. It is so easy on the eye, it almost feels that it is just part of the street scenery. It is easy to drift into the world he has created.

Pelmo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018
Pelmo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018

I love his attention to detail, things like the hand rail that the character on the right is holding and the shadows cast by the bicycle and the street bins. Of course for the cat lovers there is a splendid moggie sprawled out on the wall. I also rather like the way that the rubble sacks in front of the piece almost feel like they are incorporated into the whole experience. I love this and really look forward to seeing his work at Upfest 2018.

1315. Leonard Lane (15)

Who doesn’t love Salvador Dali and especially a greyscale multi-layer stencil tucked away in a dark alleyway by John D’oh? OK, so a kind of rhetorical question designed to answer itself. This is a brilliant piece of work. A stencil artist, a surrealist and a cat…it doesn’t get much better.

John D'oh, Leonard Lane, Bristol, November 2017
John D’oh, Leonard Lane, Bristol, November 2017

In my view, John D’oh is a highly talented, prolific and perhaps slightly overlooked artist on the local scene. His pieces, small and large, simple and complex are almost taken for granted, but each is a little gem. It is so utterly worth stopping to look at and admire his work if you get a chance. I doff my cap in his general direction…wherever he is.

1236. Upfest 2017 (120)

I love seeing the work of Alex Lucas wherever it crops up, but it is especially nice to see her work at Upfest, when it isn’t tied to a commission. Alex Lucas has made a huge impression on the city of Bristol and her work is dotted all around the city – I have featured much of it on this blog.

Alex Lucas, Upfest, Bristol, July 2017
Alex Lucas, Upfest, Bristol, July 2017

This piece was a bit tucked away, and incredibly difficult to photograph with the crowds and the lighting. Even so, it is possible to see that this is a classy illustration of a cat who is thinking about a mouse. Yum.