…and other animals


Growling and hissing

as four-legged friends converge;

feeding time chez moi.


by Scooj


1669. Upfest 2018 (20)

I was looking for the Andrew Burns Colwill piece (to follow soon) which I knew was a little off the beaten track for Upfest 2018 and spotted this brilliant little stencil by John D’oh on the wall of The Black Cat pub on the corner of West Street and Westbourne Grove.

John D'oh, Upfest, Bristol, August 2018
John D’oh, Upfest, Bristol, August 2018

When I see small ‘hidden’ gems like this, I wonder how many Upfest visitors might have missed it in their quest for the ‘marquee’ artists – I don’t suppose it matters really, but as a street art hunter, I like to work hard for my trophies, it is what I do. This is a really accomplished little stencil and one that really chimes for me – a great little find – Thank you John D’oh.

1655. Armada Place (12)

This collaboration between Sepr and Daniel Leggs came as a lovely surprise about a week ago while taking a small detour on my way to work. I think the piece had been painted only the day before so it was thankfully free of tags.

Sepr, Armada Place, Bristol, August 2018
Sepr, Armada Place, Bristol, August 2018

I am familiar, as will some readers be, with the work of Sepr who I have written numerous posts about in the past, and whose work I hugely admire. This piece just serves to prolong that admiration as we witness a cat and mouse cartoon where the mouse is looking pretty smug because the cat is trapped, as a footstool, under the man’s legs. Got to love the pink crown too.

Daniel Leggs, Armada Place, Bristol, August 2018
Daniel Leggs, Armada Place, Bristol, August 2018

Daniel Leggs is not known to me and his Instagram account reveals little other than that he is a graffiti writer. I haven’t seen his work in Bristol before, so I am guessing he’s not from these parts. I think he might have some connection with the No Frills community, and his writing has some similarities with that of Biers. I love the rather abstract colourful fills he has used around the piece, without which it would not be half as good. Another pink crown. Great work boys.

1628. M32 Spot (25)

I seem to have posted a lot of work by Daz Cat recently, perhaps he is going through one of those productive phases that street artists seem to go through – perhaps a bit of time on his hands just now.

Daz Cat, M32 Spot, Bristol, July 2018
Daz Cat, M32 Spot, Bristol, July 2018

A cat in a shirt, who’d have thought? I like Das Catz’s work a lot, it always has a bit of edge, and the characters, mostly cats and dogs, often have a little menace about them. In this piece, there is something compelling about the buttons on the shirt, my eyes are drawn to them. The piece simply wouldn’t balance properly without them.

1589. River Avon

Another unmistakable feline portrait by Daz Cat, this one is on the path on the south side of the River Avon near Cumberland Basin. I don’t think that this is his best work, but even a quick one like this requires a lot of skill. I can say this with some authority, having hadf my first two hours with a spraycan earlier on today (as I write this post (about three days ago)).

Daz Cat, River Avon, Bristol, June 2018
Daz Cat, River Avon, Bristol, June 2018

I can’t quite figure out what the thing growing out of his face just above the mouth is, but it looks like a mouse tail to me. This is a great wall in a fine location, but not one that gets a lot of attention (I think). I’ll have to drop by soon for another look.

1552. The Bearpit (150)

One of the nice things about ‘coming out’ about discovering a new artist is that you can trawl through all your old images and start to post some of their older work, and so it is with Daz Cat whose pieces I have only been posting for the last two or three months.

Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, November 2017
Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, November 2017

This great cat face in one of The Bearpit tunnels is from November last year and is a really good example of the work of this artist. I always feel that his work is quite simple, but take a closer look and there is a lot of detail and finessing in there. This is a great example of themed work and a distinctive style.