New tricks


I’m just an old dog

teaching a young dog new tricks;

change the paradigm.


by Scooj



1458. The Bearpit (140)

This is the second piece I have posted by Daz Cat and interestingly this time it is a dog. I’m not sure what the slogan ‘Without a pack the dog days are back’ is all about, but it has a nice ring to it.

Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2018
Daz Cat, The Bearpit, Bristol, April 2018

My initial reaction to this piece is that it looks a bit rough and ready, but actually I think that might just be an artifact of the style Daz Cat uses. If you look closely, the shading and shapes used in crafting the dog’s head are sophisticated and cleverly done, giving an appearance in places almost of a stencil (for example around the nose). I like his work, and I am pleased to see a proliferation of it at the moment. It is always nice to see new work about the place. This piece was created for the Spring paint jam.

1412. M32 cycle path (12)

I think this might be the third piece I have posted by Howl since meeting him a couple of months back. His style of writing is something quite different and has a unique character. Of course, the little dog character is like a signature and adds to the uniqueness of Howl’s work.

Howl, M32 cycle path, Bristol, February 2018
Howl, M32 cycle path, Bristol, February 2018

I particularly like the deep shadow in this piece with its blue dots, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the writing. I am pretty certain the whole thing spells out ‘HOWL’ although I must confess I have a little difficulty seeing it myself.

1411. M32 Spot (18)

I know very little about the artist who created this fun character down at the M32 Spot. I know he is called Roo, and he comes from London. I think he is probably mates with SkyHigh (also from London) because this piece is adjacent to the one by SkyHigh I posted recently and on Google image searches their work often appears together.

Roo, M32 Spot, Bristol, February 2018
Roo, M32 Spot, Bristol, February 2018

I actually really like this piece. It is very clean and fresh and there is a fun story going on. I like the addition of sort of bricks in the background, which brings the whole piece to life. It reminds me of a Hanna Barbera type cartoon. High praise. I would like to see more from Roo in Bristol.