Modest hedge sparrow

buff colours and pointy beak

near invisible


by Scooj

2731. L Dub (10)

It might be a little bit of an over-statement, but judging from the amount of work by Dun Ssum in this particular spot he could arguably be crowned king of L Dub. Not only is there a lot of his work there, but it is all really creative and imaginative.

Dun Sum, L Dub, Bristol, January 2020
Dun Sum, L Dub, Bristol, January 2020

In this piece we see a beautifully painted magpie collecting gadgets that look like the old Sony Walkman (remember those) but might be something different altogether. Dun Sum usually tries to conceal his name into his pieces and in this case he has woven it into the lower part of the bird’s nest. A fine piece on a large wall at L Dub.

2716. Purdown HAA Battery (2)

Back to the battery, and this time a piece by Daz Cat painted back in August last year. This is a rather touching and gentle piece with the cat holding a little bird on its hand. I rather hope that this is a kind gesture rather than a hungry cat one.

Daz Cat, Purdown HAA Battery, Bristol, January 2020
Daz Cat, Purdown HAA Battery, Bristol, January 2020

The shadow on the piece fortunately doesn’t iterfere too much. Daz Cat’s work has really grown on me over the last couple of years, and I love the way he constructs the cat’s faces, this one in semi-profile, so the eyes are quite different. I love the signature mark above the nose that appears on all Daz Cats’ cats. More from this spot to come.

2700. Shoreditch, London (37)

Continuing with some pictures from a (not so recent) visit to Shoreditch, I thought I’d share this rather atypical piece by SkyHigh. Regular readers will be familiar with his exceptional graffiti art pieces where each letter in the word SKYHIGH has its own unique font and style. This however is something completely different.

SkyHigh, Shoreditch, London, November 2018
SkyHigh, Shoreditch, London, November 2018

SkyHigh’s command of his craft is clear when he can paint something like this amazing kingfisher, which at first glance I thought might have been by Aspire. I’d love to know what it is about kingfishers that so many artists depict them… note to self, do a ‘kingfisher special’ some day. This is a magnificent piece by a magnificent artist of a magnificent bird.