4054. Princess Street (4), Burnham-on-Sea

You will be seeing a lot of work by John D’oh on Natural Adventures over the coming weeks, for which I make no apology. I love his stencils and the contemporary commentary accompanying them that give us a sense of time and place, important for chronicling our political and societal landscape.

John D'oh, Princess Street, Burnham-on-Sea, September 2021
John D’oh, Princess Street, Burnham-on-Sea, September 2021

This piece in Burnham-on-Sea was painted a little while back, but seems so very timely, and the message is clear, it is just such a shame that we need reminding. Greta, behind the mask, has been instrumental in galvanising the popular discourse on climate change and I’m sure she will not stop now. If anything the hard work of putting pressure on governments, and holding them to account, begins now.

Climate emergency


Governments tell us

we need time to make changes

‘people aren’t ready’

meanwhile we see Rome burning

I sense a revolution


by Scooj

  • I am sickened by governments around the world asserting that making rapid changes to our fossil fuel habits will not be accepted by businesses or people. Surely the point here is that they must lead us through this difficult time, making those difficult choices, and selling the long-term benefits to their citizens. Sadly they are still in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry and other big players for whom change is costly and inconvenient. History will remember them for the pathetic cowards they are. They are failing in their duty to protect citizens and our beautiful home, Planet Earth. Time to change this ‘old order’.