Communicate 2019


Two conference days

each inspiring and awesome

refreshed and equipped


by Scooj


Communicate is a national annual conference for environmental communicators, policy makers, scientists, students, film makers and the like from all sectors. It is organised by the Natural History Consortium and is based in Bristol.

Each year I get to meet with my peers and listen to and get involved with cutting edge ideas, with contemporary practice and with exploring solutions. Time to recharge my batteries.

Communicate 2017 conference



advancing the way we see

the natural world.


by Scooj


The Communicate Conference, organised by the Bristol Natural History Consortium, is a coming together of wildlife/environment communications specialists from all sectors across the UK and beyond, to learn from great speakers and exceptional workshops. The challenges of ‘saving the planet’ have never been so great but the mood of the conference was to use our collective knowledge and passion to make positive changes. This, in the turbulent landscape of ‘fake news’ and ever reducing financial resources. Communicate is my annual fillip. I will do my best.