Thursday doors – 26 November 2020

Doors 130 – A big thank you to Norm

As ‘Thursday doorsters’, you will all know that Norm is stepping down from hosting Thursday doors. This week’s post is some of my favourite doors from the last year or two to thank Norm Frampton for opening my eyes and helping me to see such door beauty in the world.

For Norm:

Go well Norm and thanks for all the doors (especially Italy and Ruelles Vertes).

That’s it for another week.

If you have made it this far, you probably like doors and you really ought to take a look at the No Facilities blog by Dan Anton who has taken over the hosting of Thursday Doors Norm 2.0 blog,  where there are links to yet more doors in the comments section at the end.

by Scooj



A humble ‘thank you’

Norm Frampton for opening

so many great doors


by Scooj

* on the news that tomorrow will be Norm Frampton’s last Thursday Doors post for a while as he puts his efforts into other things. I shall miss his doors and weekly appearances and am eternally grateful for his opening my eyes to the magnificence of doors.