2603. Cumberland Road (1)

Last week I found one of the older pieces by our resident philosopher in Bristol, #DFTE. This particular piece of motivational wordsmithing is a little more prescriptive than some of other ponderings, it says:

Life Doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change

I suspect winners of the national lottery might disagree. I like the fact that by simply changing one letter (a C for a G) the whole phrase is repositioned – clever wordplay.

#DFTE, Cumberland Road, Bristol, November 2019
#DFTE, Cumberland Road, Bristol, November 2019

Somehow #DFTE finds some great spots to position his work – it is half the skill in what he does and this one is magnificent. I have probably driven and walked past it several times and never noticed it – you have to look up, which is the cas with many of his framed phrases. #DFTE is a street art hunter’s dream, because he will place his works away from the usual spots, so finding things feels like an extra big treat. Looking forward to finding another one.