RUN, Clapton Passage, Hackney, London, December 2015

86. Clapton Passage, Hackney, London

I took a short trip to London this weekend, and escaped the clutches of family duties to take a five minute walk after Sunday brunch. I am forever hopeful that whenever I turn into a small lane I will find something of interest and I was not disappointed.

This work is tidily framed in what appears to be an original border, presumably used to post adverts or something. The artist is Giacomo Bufarini, known as RUN, who is an Italian who now lives in Clapton, East London. I first became aware of him in Bristol, where he has painted a couple of walls in Montpelier. I will try to dig out some photographs soon.

RUN, Clapton Passage, Hackney, London, December 2015
RUN, Clapton Passage, Hackney, London, December 2015

This is typical of his works which tend to have a high degree of fine detail and contrasting black and white with a splash of colours. He is well known and even has a Wikipedia page if you want to know more. I enjoy this fine line cartoon style.


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