Day off work today

I’m overwhelmed with options;

delicious feeling.


by Scooj


Published by


I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

11 thoughts on “Free”

  1. Some people, clearly unscrupulous and immoral, would take the opportunity presented by your time off, to suggest that you might spend the time by reading a copy of an eBook of poems with explanations that they self-published. These clearly commercial and unethical people, could possibly even have the audacity, to go as far as to give a website, such as, oh maybe:, where you could learn more about the book. Thankfully, no one reading your blog would stoop to such a base level. You should feel grateful that your readers have more class than that. 😯

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      1. You are correct fine fellow. Anyone who would do such a thing, as to shamelessly promote their book, why, such a person should truly be banished.

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      2. That is most gracious of you. Someone with great understanding and empathy, such as yourself, would surely do all they could to help a poor, poor soul who would resort to self-promotion. Surely, you would go to any length, even if that meant, for example, purchasing a copy of the person’s book, if you thought such a thing would help them. It’s really overwhelming.

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      3. Wohoo!!! Actually, it totally is a bargain (hold on, giant commercial coming). There are twenty poems in it with really in-depth explanations of each of them. There’s quite a lot of insight into things like metaphor, meaning, structure and form. It fulfills that idea of wishing a poet would explain a poem so that you could know what they really meant. None of the poems are “silly” per-say (unlike many comments a certain person might write), so there’s no sense of feeling cheated by an explanation in some way. The book has depth and is about learning more about poetry. Hopefully you’ll end up seeing and thinking about poetry differently after you read examples of what some poems mean. The book is around twenty two thousands words, and so it is a good amount of content for the low price. Hopefully all of this has persuaded you (if not, there could be a lot more said) and you decide to buy the book. Just know that if you do, you will have brought joy to a poor hapless soul. And, well, if you decide not to, just know, it’s alright. You know, you would have just made someone cry a little (insert sobbing). No big deal (more sobbing). It’s totally alright (full blown crying). 😥 Just do what you feel.

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  2. Sooo … Have you decided to throw a life preserver to a poor, frail soul drowning in a sea of despondency, under a storm of forlorn clouds, battered by winds of despair (by purchasing a copy of a certain extremely reasonably priced and high quality collection)? Or … have you decided to sail your ship of hopefulness away, as further tears fall into the growing tempestuous sea? Just wondering.


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