Fawn Artist, Gloucester Street, Weston super Mare, August 2016

784. Gloucester Street, Weston-super-Mare

Last Summer, on a day trip with my family to Weston-super-Mare, I managed to wander off and grab a few moments to get some street art ‘therapy’. I got to see several pieces by JPS, My Dog Sighs and Dan Kitchener amongst others, but this image of a child on the back of a tortoise holding a stick with a slice of pizza stayed with me.


Fawn Artist, Gloucester Street, Weston super Mare, August 2016
Fawn Artist, Gloucester Street, Weston super Mare, August 2016

I didn’t know the artist, and I think I have said many times on this blog that I don’t like posting images unless I know who the artist is, although sometimes I break my own rule. In this instance it was the artist herself who broke cover via her Instagram account. It is by Fawn, a local artist and friend of JPS, who helped her with the piece. It is a lovely, playful stencil and just perfect for the location.


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3 thoughts on “784. Gloucester Street, Weston-super-Mare”

  1. I got that one back in 2015 and originally thought it was JPS and was surprised to learn that it is Fawn as both normally sign their works. At least I can now move this one from the ‘artist unknown’ category! I got quite a few WsM and also Burhham on Sea pix. Back in 2015 JPS did an art trail in WsM and there was also a paint jam in aid of Burbeck Pier at the same time. The same organizers did one in Burnham on Sea last year and will be doing another Burnbeck Pier event this year 12/13th August. Here’s my WsM pix: https://urbanartalacarte.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Weston%20super%20Mare and theBurnham on Sea ones also – you’ll see some familiar names among both lots …https://urbanartalacarte.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Burnham%20on%20Sea

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