Lumagro, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2017

823. Dean Lane skate park (55)

This is a historic moment, for me at least. I saw this piece on a lunchtime trip to the Deaners and the paint was still wet. The artist, Lumagro, was hanging out with DC Guts and Jimmer Willmott (pictured). The reason this is history in the making is that this is Lumagro’s debut piece, and what a stunning introduction.

Lumagro, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2017
Lumagro, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2017

I believe the artist may be from Spain or a Spanish speaking country, and there certainly appears to be more than a little Mediterranean/European influence in this piece. I absolutely love it and want to see more of his work.

Lumagro, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2017
Lumagro, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2017

Distinctive and classy, Lumagro owns this space…albeit for a short time. I think this piece shows that you can produce a sophisticated simple work without overdesigning. Just brilliant. Bravo.



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4 thoughts on “823. Dean Lane skate park (55)”

  1. Hiya Scooj – I did a short piece about Lumagro when his lovely work appeared in 3 is a Magic Number with Jimmer Willmott and GUTs. Here is the snippet from my blog:

    Lumagro was born in Porto (Portugal) and is currently living and working in Bristol. Drawing is his way of expression par excellence despite some incursions in collage and ceramics. He works regularly in collaborative projects with writers but he calls himself a scribbler more than an illustrator since he tends to favour the drawing process rather than final and definitive results.

    About his work for the show he says: ‘These three new pieces are some of my most recent drawing experiences through which improbable and dreamlike atmosphere situations are depicted. The ambiguous meaning is increased by the way graphic conventions are subverted leading to different interpretations.’

    For full article see

    As usual your insights are spot on.

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    1. A sensational article. Beautifully written and each entry a gold mine of succinct histories and stories. How could I have not come across you before? If I had known about your blog(s) my research would have been so much easier and more accurate.

      I think I am due to publish a Guts piece tomorrow and will include a link to your article. And will do so for other artists I write about that appear it.


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      1. Oh thank you so much. I’m a bit of a new auntie on the block! I’m hoping to get round as wide a selection as I can over Upfest. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Gilli

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