J. Dior, The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2017

845. The Bearpit (73)

I believe this is the third J. Dior piece that I have posted on this site, and still I am oddly attracted to his naïve style. In this work we have some rather unusual reference to the ‘Caped Crusader’ but I am really rather baffled by the figure with six arms and three heads.

J. Dior, The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2017
J. Dior, The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2017

The fellow on the right appears to have a specially made super hero suite designed to show off his manhood. Whatever is going on in J. Dior’s mind in this piece is probably best kept there. As far as I’m concerned another winner. I would imagine that his work divides opinion as it may fall into the category of ‘I could probably do that’. The point is that people who say that never do…and If they did it would probably be crap. A bit like me saying that I could play football better than Wayne Rooney (even though I probably could).

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