Mr Draws, The Bearpit, Bristol, August 2017

976. The Bearpit (84)

I met Mr Draws at Upfest, and he seemed to be rather down in the dumps, and indicated that he was off spraying. This seemed to be a bit out of character for one of our most prolific street artists in Bristol. I guess it happens to everyone from time to time…getting fed up with the same old things. So it filled me with some joy to see that after a short break, he is ‘back at it’.

Mr Draws, The Bearpit, Bristol, August 2017
Mr Draws, The Bearpit, Bristol, August 2017

He even says as much on this quick piece in the Bearpit. I have noticed from his Instagram feed that he has been spending a lot of time recently on his drawings and is enjoying mountains all over again, which is a good thing. I think this story serves as a reminder that life is tough, inspiration comes and goes, but there is still so much to enjoy. Glad that he is back on the streets again – I’ll be looking out for more.

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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

12 thoughts on “976. The Bearpit (84)”

  1. He often does stuff in Cheltenham in fact there is still one of his in an underpass near Waitrose that’s been there a while. There is a paint jam in Cheltenham with 70+ artists. Program hasn’t been released yet so don’t know who they are as yet. Also one in Birmingham along the canal @ Digbeth this Saturday

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    1. The Cheltenham jam is being organised by Dice. I’m not sure I can make it…family commitments. I didn’t know Mr Draws sprayed outside Bristol. Good to know.


      1. Wow, there are some there I have never seen before, and wouldn’t even have recopgnised as Mr Draws. amazing stuff. I think I must have 20 or 30 of his Bristol pieces, but most are mountains or letters.

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      2. ref Mr Draws – met the man in person today in Birmingham. He was painting at the jam along the canal @ Digbeth. Nice bloke. He is from Bristol c/w appropriate ‘regional’ accent! He likes to go to Cheltenham to paint occasionally as he likes the spot in the underpass near Waitrose – one of the fee legal spots in town as arranged by Dice67 & the local council a few years ago – 2014 I think. Very difficult to get shots of the work done @ Birmingham due to narrow towpath. Got other shots elsewhere in the area. Chatted to Annatomix also who was doing a very tall fox. Met her several times before in various places.

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      3. He did an epic piece in Cheltenham – very successful paint festival art & artist-wise despite the really crap weather though the amount of people looking at the artwork was disappointingly thin due to the aforesaid crap weather.

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