Redcliffe cave gate, Bristol

Thursday doors

Door 17

Redcliffe cave gate, Bristol
Redcliffe cave gate, Bristol

This is a door designed to keep prying eyes out, rather than to welcome visitors in. It is one of the entrances to the Redcliffe Caves, which form a central part in Bristol’s history as an international trading port.

I, along with many others, believed this cave to be a place where slaves were incarcerated, a folklore of the city which is quite untrue. Rather it was used as a store for merchandise and has in more recent times been used as a waste dump.

Redcliffe cave gate, Plaque, Bristol
Redcliffe cave gate, Plaque, Bristol

The area is steeped in history and above the gate this plaque, donated by the Bristol Civic Society, describes some of the features of Redcliffe. I have to say I find the plaque a little sycophantic and more about past and present businesses than abiout heritage…but maybe that is just me and I think I am being a bit harsh.

Certainly this doorway contains mystery and elicits curiosity.

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