Barcelona door, March 2018

Thursday doors

Door 25

Barcelona door, March 2018
Barcelona door, March 2018

I returned from a short break to Barcelona with my daughter last night, and my memory card is heavily laden with doors. Barcelona must surely be one of the great capitals of interesting doors.

In the older part of the city, and indeed throughout much of the rest of the city doors appear to be fair targets for graffiti, and what a lot of it there is. This first set of three doors gives you a feel for what is commonplace in Barcelona…ordinary city doors, covered from top to bottom in graffiti.

Barcelona door, March 2018
Barcelona door, March 2018
Barcelona door, March 2018
Barcelona door, March 2018

I will post more doors from Barcelona over the coming weeks.

by Scooj

More doors at: Thursday Doors – Norm 2.0

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10 thoughts on “Thursday doors”

  1. On my brief visit to Barcelona I noticed that the city seems to be plagued with the kind of tagging that gives graffiti a bad name. To me graffiti on doors (particularly beautiful old wooden ones) seems to be clearly the wrong side of the line. The doors make good photos though!

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  2. Sorry for the delay this week. From the pics I’ve seen from others I’ve also noticed that in Barcelona graffiti seems to be more about vandalism than sharing art in public 😦

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