Barcelona 'not door'

Thursday doors

Door 26.

Barcelona 'not door'
Barcelona ‘not door’

First: I can’t believe that I have been doing doors for 26 weeks, half a year, it feels like no time at all.

Second: I expect that the phrase ‘when is a door not a door?’ has been used many, many times in Thursday Doors, but it feels appropriate here.

Third: I have not been as attentive this week as I might usually be due to a great many domestic distractions.

This door, in the heart of the old city in Barcelona, has for whatever reason been filled in. I have included it in the Thursday Doors series though because this is a common practice, and I find a great many of these ‘not a door any more’ kind of doors.

I love the textures of the bricks and cement surround and the inclusion of an iron ring, replacing where a knocker might once have been. If you look carefully, even a ‘not door’ can’t escape the clutches of graffiti and at some point in the past bunny ears have been added with the iron ring doubling up as a bunny nose.

The ‘not door’ is sandwiched between a more typical graffitied door on the left and a sliding gate on the right, offering more doors for your money (and plenty of contrast).

by Scooj

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7 thoughts on “Thursday doors”

  1. Nice find! “ghost doors” – doors that used to be have made it up some of my favourite door pics in the past and this one is no exception. It really stands out when they use completely different materials than what surrounds it.
    26 weeks eh? Time flies when you’re having fun.
    I hope you keep them coming 🙂

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  2. That’s an interesting question you bring up – when something is, or is not ad door. The definition of a structure to go in and out of a room doesn’t quite cut it. Although here, there has obviously been a door in the past:) A nice find!

    Liked by 1 person

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