Nightways, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2018

1920. The Bearpit (171)

In spite of the Council’s determination to eradicate street art from The Bearpit, there seems to have been a recent resurgence in visits from artists. Nothing like the turnover of a couple of years ago, but any new pieces are welcome. This is a lovely new piece by Nightways featuring a monkey sporting spectacles and a turtle on his hat. An interesting study and something refreshingly different from much of what we are used to seeing in The Bearpit.

Nightways, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2018
Nightways, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2018

This piece though brings me to something of a dilemma I have. I posted a piece by the artist back in August this year – it was a rather nice green monkey piece at Dean Lane. Recently, the artist contacted me through Natural Adventures and thanked me for posting it, but asked me to take the image down because he didn’t like it and he didn’t want people to see it (on a digital platform I guess) as a first introduction to his work.

His exact words are:

Hi, I love that you have made this post about me but I just really don’t like this piece of art that I made. It came out abit of a flop. Can you please take this post down as I don’t want it to be the first thing people see of my work when they type my name into google. Many thanks, nightways

Now, Natural Adventures is a ‘warts and all’ kind of blog. It is also an archive of street art and graffiti in Bristol, some of it good and some of it not so good, but it is an honest record of what is out there. I take pictures of art that I find and write about it, simple as that.

I hold all of the artists in great respect and am in awe of their talent, but as I see it, once they have committed a piece to a wall it is out there to be judged, enjoyed, tagged, photographed, whatever. The question I ask is whether I should respect the polite request of Nightways to take down my post of his work or whether I should politely decline. There is a risk that I might piss him off or a risk that other artists start asking for their posts to be taken down. I’m not sure what to do. Any thoughts?



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I am Stephen. I live in Bristol, UK. I decided to shorten my this: Wildlife, haiku, travel, streetart, psychogeography and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

15 thoughts on “1920. The Bearpit (171)”

  1. Stephen, I first read this post at 5:30 a.m. CST and decided to ponder the problem you have been handed. It seems to me you are caught between a rock and hard place and a hole in the grounds. I like you am in awe of the remarkable talent which abounds in the City of Bristol.
    I recall the days when I attended school in Berkeley Square and looked forward to the Bristol University annual student rag. This was truly a time of a great leap forward in mass communication.
    The street art and albeit limited biographies of the artists you provide to interested readers of your blog around the world is a continuation of this process. While I have read with some empathy for the artist’s request to take down your post of his artwork because he doesn’t like it; what is said cannot be unsaid.

    Nightways can see what’s wrong with his work but we the observers make the judgment whether we like it or not. But whether we like it or not is beside the point. Nightways has an extraordinary talent.

    I say let the post remain. It is yours. Nightways exposed him/herself to exhibition and should be mute on the outcome. Saint Paul, Minnesota

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    1. Thank you for considering this dilemma. I have to say that I agree with you. In all walks of life, whatever you do, we are all exposed to things that we have done or said that we might later wish we had done differently. The difference with art is that it is a deliberate and knowing action and part of the portfolio. I will still think about what to do.


      1. I have another two cents worth to throw into the pot.
        Consider yourself a journalist reporting on the Bristol street art scene. I think your posting needs to stay . Nightway’s request for you to remove it is unreasonable. What’s next?

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      2. Thanks, your advice is sound. I might do as paulh121 suggests and simply remove the name from the post, perhaps I could use asterisks, and then add a bit of clarification at the end of the post. It doesn’t matter too much as so few people read the posts in any case.

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  2. Would it be possible to edit the post and delete the artists details.
    That way you keep your post and he also gets his way in a roundabout kind of way . . .
    I do agree with you though that once they walk away from it that’s it . . .
    If he didn’t like it he could of redone it or just painted over it

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      1. Well asking you to delete a post from an individually numbered blog is taking the piss as far as I’m concerned and one that I think you’d have been upset with if you had done as requested.
        Hopefully this is the middle ground solution that keeps both of you happy and your remarkable blog intact . . .

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  3. Hm… a tough one. I’m not familiar with the scene and rules of the game so if it happened to me I’d probably take it down immediately because I don’t like people having a grudge if I can help it. But what you say sound legit too: once it’s out there, it’s out there. If he didn’t like it, he should have destroyed it there and then. I’m glad it’s not on me to decide. 🙂

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