ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019

2126. Spring Hill

The day I found Banksy’s ‘Rose Trap’ turned out to be rather special for another reason. I had taken a detour from my normal route in to work , and rather than try to return to my normal route, I decided to just meander a little in the right direction. It was a great deceision because only 100 meters or so from the Banksy was this stunning piece by ATM.

ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019
ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019

I have known about this lynx for some time, which I think it was actually painted in November 2016, but I never managed to find it. Sometimes life just catches up with you, and good intentions fly out of the window. In a way, finding a piece like this without intent is somehow extra rewarding… it is like receiving a gift that you weren’t expecting.

ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019
ATM, Spring Hill, Bristol, March 2019

The sensational piece is nestled at the bottom of a very steep and narrow cobbled lane that leads up to Cotham. On his twitter feed at the time, ATM wrote:

Bring back the Lynx! We need top predators for healthy ecosystems

This tweet I think tells you how much ATM cares about wildlife, and he uses his art to raise awareness and get people thinking about the world around them.

It is unfortunate that the patches (presumably covering up tags) weren’t properly colour-matched with background, but great that someone cares enough to keep this piece in great condition. Let’s hear it for the lynx.

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7 thoughts on “2126. Spring Hill”

  1. That is exactly how I felt when I found it, I knew it existed but wasn’t expecting to come across it whilst I took a wander off the beaten track . . .
    Such a stunning piece and a very good find . . .

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  2. I’m surprised you missed that one. I happened to notice his FB post at the time he did it and I asked him where it was and went and took some pix a few days later and found the Banksy one when I went to see another piece – farm animals painted on a house – can’t remember who it was by now.

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