Tom Miller, Stapleton Road, Bristol, September 2019

2476. Stapleton Road

During the early part of September I was away quite a lot and I didn’t have much time in Bristol to go to my usual haunts to find street art. This is always a little tricky, because FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in. Because the turnover of art in some places is so high, you can miss an awful lot of good work over the course of a fortnight. Of course I missed quite a lot, but as soon as I was able, I walked and drove to as many spots as I could, including Stapleton Road. As I was slowly driving along, I became aware of a pinky-purple flash on my left with my peripheral vision, but when I turned to look, I had passed whatever it was. I had a hunch it might be something I would be interested in so pulled into a parking space and walked back. I was rewarded with this magnificent new piece by Tom Miller, which I had seen on social media, but had no idea where it was.

Tom Miller, Stapleton Road, Bristol, September 2019
Tom Miller, Stapleton Road, Bristol, September 2019

I have posted many works by Tom Miller and have a gallery of his amazing pieces on Natural Adventures. This piece though has something really special about it. It was painted on a wall that had a few tags on it, but was nothing to write home about. Tom Miller has transformed it into a focal point for this little stretch of Stapleton Road in Easton.

Tom Miller, Stapleton Road, Bristol, September 2019
Tom Miller, Stapleton Road, Bristol, September 2019

So, what is going on in this piece? If I am honest I am not too sure. His style is rather surreal and busy and I think there is a lot of symbolism and personal baggage in the piece. The central character’s face has been replaced with enlarged eyes and a house and to the right is a pony or something like that, a toy perhaps. The whole piece is extremely colourful and like many of his works, full of movement. I expect one could spend hours trying to analyse and deconstruct the piece, but that is an academic exercise that might yield utterly incorrect conclusions. Perhaps the best way to understand the piece is to ask the artist himself, which I will do next time I see him. Brilliant and unusual piece.

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3 thoughts on “2476. Stapleton Road”

  1. I like the way you described the piece – and agree to the bit of surreal and super colorful – what a nice reward for your walk…
    And sometimes in art criticism – what the creator intended is only part of the piece – it is always what the viewer sees too – and artist intention is only part of the piece – and I know you know street art well and how cool that you have the opp to maybe ask this artist in person

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