Lucy Danielle, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2020

2717. Dean Lane skate park (274)

Finding a piece that is not only from a new (to me) artist but is also rather different is always one of the great pleasures of being a graffiti hunter. On the famous curved wall at Dean Lane, this delightful portrait appeared a couple of weeks back. It is by artist Lucy Danielle who is a midlands-born Bristol-based illustrator and graffiti murallist. Although she has painted quite a few walls, I don’t think I have knowingly ever seen one before.

Lucy Danielle, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2020
Lucy Danielle, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2020

I understand that this is a portrait of her sister which is a really nice thing to do. Set on a black background, the face really stands out, and the additional decorations help the to fill the  space without distracting from the subject too much. Imagine how different the whole thing would look without the purple circle and yellow squiggles. I need to find some of her other work.

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7 thoughts on “2717. Dean Lane skate park (274)”

  1. I got that one when I was there recently. I think it was the only one I took a shot of as there wasn’t anything else to take pix of there that day. Everything else had been trashed though there was one artist prepping a wall to do something new. Like you say, this one is a bit different to what you normally see at there. Good or bad, life is short at the Deaner!

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