Morny, Muriel Alleyway, Bristol, May 2021

3706. Muriel Alleyway (1)

I have to credit Kaya at @loveforbristol (Insta) for disclosing the location of this street in Brislington. It is an alleyway I have been keen to find for quite a while, but simply didn’t know where to look. As it turns out, it is an area I visit reasonably often because my son has a friend nearby.

This piece by Merny (I still call him Morny) is one I have seen all over Instagram and at last I have now seen in the flesh.

Morny, Muriel Alleyway, Bristol, May 2021
Morny, Muriel Alleyway, Bristol, May 2021

Merny is a hoot, and I think that this is a fabulously witty piece picking up on ‘announcement-speak’ ‘this is not a drill’ and deliberately misinterpreting the word drill. Who else in the street art world would paint a power drill on a wall. Another oblique reference (deliberate or otherwise) is to the René Magritte painting ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (this is not a pipe) painting. I love this piece so much, and I am really enjoying his little lettered (or numbered) labels he has started adding to his pieces, like notes for instructions. So good.

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