Molly Hawkins, Greville Street, Bristol, June 2021, Upfest 21

3783. Upfest 2021 75×75 (9)

It is a funny thing, but I think that this is the first time I have seen this wall painted with a single piece. It is a long wall with quite a few challenges, such as the notice board and the telegraph poles, but Molly Hawkins has done a splendid job, creating this wonderful mural for Upfest’s 75 walls in 75 days initiative.

Molly Hawkins, Greville Street, Bristol, June 2021, Upfest 21
Molly Hawkins, Greville Street, Bristol, June 2021, Upfest 21

I have not come across Molly Hawkins before but I understand, from doing a little research, that she is a Bristol-based mural artist and illustrator. I believe she has other murals in Stokes Croft and Bedminster that I am going to have to track down at some point.

In this piece she has concealed a female figure holding a triangle that contained a whole lot of symbolism for the artist. She explains this on her Instagram account as follows:

I read up on the symbolism of a triangle, and found a meaning that resonated with me, and inspired the design for this piece:

‘A triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation and a higher perspective. It is often used to mark the cycles of growth that lead to a higher state of being. Spiritually, it represents a path towards enlightenment or connection to an omnipresent being.’

A very nice mural and addition to the Upfest event

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  1. I became aware of her when she painted a foodie place down in Stokes Croft called @omburgeruk and then after that she painted another foodie place this time on North St called @twigplants both of which you must have passed numerous times . . . 😉

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