DJ Perks, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2022

4218. Dean Lane skate park (458)

As with all walks of life, there are important contributors, and in the sphere of Bristol street/graffiti art, one of these notable people is DJ perks. We don’t get to see nearly enough of his work around the place, unless you hang out at the L Dub spot, but it is not only his art, but his interest in visiting and photographing the work of others, that makes him a great contributor. Most artists, counterintuitively, don’t know much about other artists, as they (quite rightly) tend to focus on their own art and their friends. It is up to people like me and Paul H to record and write about as much work as we possibly can. DJ perks is a rare artist who bridges the gap.

DJ Perks, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2022
DJ Perks, Dean Lane, Bristol, January 2022

This is a really nice piece of graffiti writing from Perks in Dean Lane, and demonstrates just how much his work improves from piece to piece. His work here is very clean with a fine 3D shadow and central disappearing point. It is the creative fill in his letters that is particularly noteworthy though – some really attractive stuff. Always great to see work from DJ Perks.

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