Klashwhensober, M32 roundabout (J2), Bristol, March 2022

4368. M32 roundabout J2 (1)

You know when an artist is in high-productivity mode, when the frequency of meetings is high. In the past week or so, I have met Klashwhensober twice, and both times stopped for a nice chat. I had shared links to posts on Natural Adventures, and bless him, he had read them, which was most kind, so we chatted a little about that. This piece is one of several that I photographed a couple of weeks back, investigating all the tunnels under the M32 roundabout, junction 2.

Klashwhensober, M32 roundabout (J2), Bristol, March 2022
Klashwhensober, M32 roundabout (J2), Bristol, March 2022

I am not a big fan of tunnel pieces, because the lighting is always very tricky, and it is difficult to capture a whole piece in the frame due to the narrowness of the tunnel. The colours used in this ‘FLASH’ piece are most striking, and there is a creative and interesting cow-spot pattern fill. I mentioned to Klashwhensober that I might have to start posting several pieces of his at a time, because there are just too many to do single posts each time – there would be precious little else on the blog.

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