Acer, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2022

4444. Dean Lane skate park (494)

On the curved wall at Dean Lane, Acer One painted this rather attractive piece, using his preferred rainbow writing that he has been working hard to perfect recently. The letters, in this case shapes, are slim and regular, and look as if they painted from a corporate font template. That sounds like a bad thing, but it really is not. Acer has designed up his lettering and shapes with thought and precision to create this font, and as ever his execution is faultless.

Acer, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2022
Acer, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2022

Painting the curved wall is always a risk, because turnover is quite high, so it was brave of Acer to paint here and in fairness, it did last quite a few days. The extra nice thing about this font is the double shadow, one black and the second grey. I am very much enjoying this reinvention of Acer’s style and look forward to seeing a whole lot more.

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