Taboo, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, August 2022

4680. Lower Ashley Road (6)

I couldn’t start today’s post without paying tribute to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Irrespective of one’s views about the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth has been a stable constant for our nation and many others, when all around her there has been chaos. It will feel slightly odd not having her around any more.

It is rare for anyone to give up their life to serve others (apart from in the public sector, of course), but to do so with composure, integrity, decency, objectivity and solemnity is special and something that our politicians, the people with the real power, could learn from. The contrast between the Queen’s behaviour and that of Johnson or Truss is stark. RIP QEII.

Taboo, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, August 2022
Taboo, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, August 2022

Our lives go on, and there is street art to consider. This is a real beauty from Taboo on an old shopfront that often attracts inferior throw ups, but not in this instance. I drive along this road fairly frequently, and I simply love seeing this writing/character piece, there is a lot of mischief in it.

Taboo, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, August 2022
Taboo, Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, August 2022

The writing is typically asymmetrical and unconventional, spelling out TABOO, although that might not be entirely obvious at first sight. Of course, it is the Garfield character that steals the show… brilliantly painted and perfectly cheeky. I now have four Garfield pieces in my archives. One more and I might have to do a Garfield special post!

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