Aspire, Lighthouse Community Gardens, London, April 2023

5201. Lighthouse Community Garden, London (1)

Aspire, Lighthouse Community Gardens, London, April 2023
Aspire, Lighthouse Community Gardens, London, April 2023

Every once in a while, the stars align and things work out and all is well in the world. These are moments that we must cherish and draw on to help us through more challenging times when it feels like there is no hope.

I had been invited to facilitate a workshop in London at the end of April, at a small community centre in the heart of Stratford, adjacent to the Olympic Park where there has been a phenomenal amount of redevelopment over the last decade or so. As I approached the location from the station, I spotted an entire block of hoardings, entirely covered in graffiti writing and street art – this was a good day, before the workshop had even begun. Even better, the hoardings surrounded the Lighthouse Community Gardens, the location of the workshop. Guess what I was doing before and after then meeting and in our lunch break.

Aspire, Lighthouse Community Gardens, London, April 2023
Aspire, Lighthouse Community Gardens, London, April 2023

I was surprised at how many of the pieces on the hoardings were by artists I am familiar with, including this beauty by former Bristol artist Aspire. Bristol’s loss was definitely London’s gain as you can see from this outstanding sparrow perched on an ice lolly. Aspire’s work is so distinctive – almost always featuring birds, incorporating some pixelated elements. More recently, Aspire has featured human relationships with birds in the form of litter or food etc – the lolly plays this role here.

I was in a very good place, and the workshop went really well too. A red-letter day.

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    1. Head north out of Stratford tube station along Montfichet Road. After five minutes, turn left onto International Way, and there before you is an entire block of hoardings. All of it is painted, some good some excellent, some old and a little bit of trash. Probably 40+ pieces.

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