Summer holiday

I remember the day you died

we had been playing all of us
in the garden around the house.
We squeezed in the car for a trip
oh! happy day with my cousins

I remember the day you died

I looked forward to the summers
spending time with your family
you were all like siblings to me
at least, during the holidays

I remember the day you died

we had a tumble, you and I
and our heads banged hard leaving bumps
your head small, you were only two
you shed tears and after we laughed

I remember the day you died

I left you then to stay over
with our grandparents for a while
and that was it
I wouldn’t see you again

That was the day you died

drowned alone in the swimming pool.
The call came through to my grandma
I’d never seen them cry before.
Then the sadness that never left.

I still had the bump on my head
something from you so tangible
I wanted to keep it always
but it went as I knew it would.

Many years have passed little cuz.

I can’t forget the day you died.

by Scooj

For E.K.


I thought I’d try something a bit different, inspired by some lovely poetry I read here. This is the first poem I have written since school (other than Haiku). Be gentle.




So different were we,

I from London and you from Leeds.

I remember one time

when we went out walking,

you pointed up to the sky and cried

‘eh up, there’s kite’

I didn’t know what you had said at first.

We are not so different now

you and I,

our age has smoothed out our differences

our age has brought us closer

it is our age that now defines us.


by Scooj