3609. Greenbank (5)

I knew that this piece by Rosalita existed, I just wasn’t quite sure where and when I finally discovered it on the Greenbank wall it was looking a little bit worse for wear. There is definitely a dark and tragic side to a lot of Rosalita’s work and this is something of a deathly portrait set on a backdrop of flowers.

Rosalita, Greenbank, Bristol, March 2021
Rosalita, Greenbank, Bristol, March 2021

I don’t often cut-and-paste quotes into Natural Adventures, but Rosalita’s explanation of this piece on her Instagram feed gives us an insight into this portrait:

🌺From my rotting body flowers will grow🌺
Emptying cans with a mishmash of colours.
Dreamt I visited my mother last night, in our old home, as if she had never departed. There was comfort in feeling her presence again. Buddhist believe in meditating on death and impermanence as the only certainty in life 🌱 The intention is that when we embrace the reality of death we are freed of its fear and are able to live our lives fully with an open heart 💓
It is shamanic work throughout all cultures. Themes of death are a form of meditation in my practice, the impermanence of murals is guaranteed and comes with the territory of graffiti/street art culture. In its own way is a reminder of how fragile life is, and through acceptance we can kiss the joy as it passes our way ☠️ nuff love !”

The piece is very similar to another one she painted at around the same time and which I posted here back in January 2021. Fabulous work, and I love the flowers.

Rosalita, M32 cycle path, Bristol, January 2021
Rosalita, M32 cycle path, Bristol, January 2021

Untimely death


Face down in the mud

the pale corpse of a young man

sadness overwhelms


by Scooj

I was walking my dog down by Cumberland Basin today and spotted a human body on the far bank. I was going to call the police, but noticed that a couple of uniformed officers were on their way to investigate. Within ten minutes the rescue services had arrived on the scene, and they set about recovering the body.

I feel numb and shocked and terribly sad. It is an image I will find hard to forget, and of course there are all the unanswered questions about what led up to this tragic event.