Blind frenzy


Kamikaze gulls

oblivious of traffic

grab food from the road.


One tumbles under a car;

fortune favours the stupid.


by Scooj


Out of breath


Heart rate is slowing

a mad dash to platform 9

I made it on time.

Well I needn’t have bothered

I don’t live in Switzerland.


by Scooj

Blessing and a curse


What separates us

from the animal kingdom

is our compassion.


My heart weeps for a fledgling

too sickly to carry on.


by Scooj


  • In a garden hedge in my road, this small ball of fluff was hiding its head from this scary world under its wing. Obviously recently fledged and confused its liklihood of survival are pretty low. It showed no signs of response to noise and will be an easy target for cats or foxes of which there are a great many in the neighbourhood. It was heartbreaking. No sign of its parents.