3941. M32 Cycle path (141)

I was lucky enough to meet Mest when he was painting this piece, just a couple of days before the Italy v England Euro 21 cup final. Perhaps the less said about the result of that match, the better, although being an Italophile, losing to the Italians wasn’t so bad.

Mest, M32 Cycle path, Bristol, July 2021
Mest, M32 Cycle path, Bristol, July 2021

Mest wasn’t at all what I expected, but then I can’t think of a single artist who looked anything like I thought they might before I met them. His simple large letters in white are embellished with a large red cross through the middle to create a Mestivellian St George cross, The whole thing neatly bound with a black and blue border. A nice patriotic football piece. I must be getting close to having enough of his work for a gallery.

Parsley in my ears


Waiting for the boy

to watch the match together

the joy of playback


shut out all noises or clues

I’ll put parsley in my ears


by Scooj

This is a rather cryptic Tanka which I am composing while waiting for my son to get home from his late shift so that we can watch the England v Scotland match together on playback. I have to guard against hearing the neighbours shouting or turning on the radio or even using my phone in case I see or hear anything that might give away the score.

Putting parsley in my ears is an oblique reference to an Asterix cartoon book ‘Asterix the Gladiator’ in which the Roman soldiers put parsley in their ears so that they wouldn’t hear Cacofonix the bard singing, such was the dreadful noise he made.