F.A. Cup jitters

time to silence babyface

come on you Gunners.


by Scooj


  • on anticipating a tense match tonight between my beloved Arsenal and Manchester United (boo). Always a juicy fixture.

1490. West Street (3)

This is a lovely mural by Cheo, especially if you happen to be a Bristol City fan. The team are known as the Robins, and Cheo has incorporated this into his tribute to the football club. I’m not entirely sure how long this piece has been here, but I suspect it is several years.

Cheo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018
Cheo, West Street, Bristol, April 2018

One of the surprising things perhaps, or maybe I am just too cynical, is that it hasn’t been vandalised in any way by supporters of the rival Bristol club, Bristol Rovers. I do like it when two of my passions converge like this, but it doesn’t happen as often as one might think (now planning to search my archive for football-related street art). As an Arsenal fan, I have no allegiance to either of the Bristol teams and always want both to do well for the sake of the city.



Twenty two great years

a shared love of the Gunners;

go well Arsene (al).


by Scooj

  • on the not entirely unexpected news that Arsene Wenger will be leaving My beloved Arsenal Football Club at the end of the season. As one who remembers some dire football before he arrived, I cannot thank him enough. The pride of North London.