3856. Purdown HAA Battery (31)

There is always something joyous about the work of Antikki, good karma perhaps, and this piece definitely has the feel-good factor about it. The poise of the two figures and the relationship between them is full of kindness and hope. Another feature of her work is the connection with nature, which comes across with the plants weaving in and out of the figures.

Antikki, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2021
Antikki, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2021

Antikki appears to like painting these concrete slabs up at Purdown, but the risk up there is that it is easy pickings for taggers who also seem to like this spot, at least the tags on this one haven’t affected it too much. I always get fired up by the optimism and goodness in Antikki’s work. Hoping for more before too long.

3207. John Street (2)

A welcome return to John Street and the second of the special pieces in the ten archways on the side of a building undergoing redevelopment. This archway has been beautifully painted by 3Dom and is a direct reference to the Covid-19 pandemic.

3Dom, John Street, Bristol, September 2020
3Dom, John Street, Bristol, September 2020

As social commentators, many street artists have found the coronavirus pandemic to be a rich source of inspiration and 3Dom has created this powerful piece. This clever work feels rather threatening with CCTV cameras and a whole host of intimidating shapes and references in red surrounding the blue light of humanity – I suppose the blue light is a symbol of hope. It will passs. A nice shout out to Hazard too.

3168. Dean Lane skate park (350)

I don’t know the artist Mr Hoops who painted this banging burner in Dean Lane, but if I were to liken it to anything it looks like a mash up in style of Soker and Hemper, both of whom I initially thought might have been behind the piece when I first saw it. So what I am basically saying is that I think it is very good indeed.

Mr Hoops, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2020
Mr Hoops, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2020

The letters spell out hope, something we can all relate to in these crazy times. Some great letter shapes and vibrant colours on a dark background and the inclusion of a magic hat combine to make this a most enjoyable piece to look at.  I don’t think it lasted too long, but the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

The letters

Circular tag


Escaping their homes

to see a world through new eyes

each moment savoured.


by Scooj

I thought I’d try something new… it might go nowhere. Every day I will take the last line of the previous day’s haiku as the first line of a new one. I’m sure it is far from an original idea, but I thought I’d give it a try.

This takes me back to my student days when a friend of mine, Jasper and I would spend our time in boring university lectures writing one line of a poem alternately for the entire lecture, and then continue the next day. I recall that occasionally we’d hit on something really good, but mostly it was puerile nonsense.

yesterday’s haiku was:


Gloom, it’s in the air

forlorn folk ‘exercising’

escaping their homes