Bad timing


End-of-tunnel light

quashed by arrival of rain

allotment must wait


by Scooj


  • I’ve been looking forward to finishing work all day today to be able to pop up to the allotment before cooking an evening meal. A badly timed shower has goofed up all my timings and my excitement. Tomorrow it will have to be.

Some good comes of it


Social distancing

leads me to the allotment

two years neglected


by Scooj


Following the deaths of my father and father-in-law over the last two springs and all the ensuing emotional and practical baggage (plus a smattering of unhelpful weather), it has been almost two years since I went to my allotment. Somehow I’ve not yet been kicked off.

I visited it yesterday and I have my work cut out for me this spring (if allowed to go there) it is covered on grass and brambles. My son has volunteered to help me get it sorted, because he needs distractions from the probable boredom ahead. It felt good to see it again, and I got all my seeds out today to prepare for a new season.