3838. Upfest 2021 75×75 (27)

When the murals for Upfest’s 75 walls in 75 days event are coming thick and fast, it is easy perhaps to not pay attention properly or to become a little blazé because of the wealth of riches. A piece like this on any high-street would be greeted with amazement, but here in Bedminster (the centre of Upfest activities) it blends in, becoming part of the furniture. It is my job to single out such pieces and study them and share them. This large mural is by Sophie Rae above Flip, a vegan delicatessen and shop on North Street.

Sophie Rae, North Street, Bristol, July 2021, Upfest 21,
Sophie Rae, North Street, Bristol, July 2021, Upfest 21,

Sophie Rae is a Mural artist and print maker based in Bristol who likes to work with natural plant themes interwoven with contemporary shapes, colours and designs to bring a very 2020s look to her murals. The job she has done on this very large wall is quite exceptional and really captures the vibrant Bedminster scene. I will definitely be hunting down some of her other murals.

(why I don’t like) Ivy


Its relentless surge

strangling dispassionately

all it encounters

and the berries, destined to

paint my car in pigeon poop.


by Scooj


  • I was going to leave this as a haiku, but had so much more to say, and the rage in me added the two extra lines to make the tanka. The first version used a different word to poop, but I moderated it a little. Feel free to use the original word if it makes it more impactful.