Is honour, honour

when offered after outcry

a little too late


by Scooj

On the news that Owen Paterson has resigned as an MP. There is no honour in this resignation that happened only after a massive reaction to some Conservative Party goal-post moving in the parliamentary standards committee operations, concocted to try and overturn Paterson’s suspension for breaking parliamentary rules. Sleaze bags the lot of them.

Paterson has a lot to answer for. As Secretary of State for the environment, a curious appointment as he was a climate change denier at the time, he waged war against the environmental movement deliberately discrediting it as the ‘green blob’ and referring to activists as ‘yogurt knitters’.

His appalling reign was eclipsed, unbelievably, by the utterly incompetent Liz Truss and dreadful creep Andrea Leadsom, both favoured high-fliers in the worst government in living memory.

I have only sympathy for Paterson’s family. His wife took her own life earlier this year, and that is awful on every level. While I feel sorry for him on a human level, it in no way changes my loathing for him as a politician.