bore, darling of the far right;

Victorian code.


by Scooj


907. Beaconsfield Road

Anthony Wedgwood Benn, or Tony Benn, will be forever remembered as the Bristol South East Labour MP who ruffled the feathers of the establishment with his hard left wing views. An adopted son of Bristol and much loved MP. This is a lovely tribute to Tony Benn by Stewy.

Stewy, Beaconsfield Road, Bristol, July 2017
Stewy, Beaconsfield Road, Bristol, July 2017

I think I a several years late in posting this fabulous stencil, and it has faded a little over time, but I have only just discovered it, and felt it write to post it as soon as I was able. Stewy has a great track record of creating stencils of important popular figures from Bristol, some of which are recorded previously in the blog. I like his work very much, and this particular piece feels so very right.

Cabinet reshuffle (profanity warning)


May reshuffles her

pack and learns it’s difficult

to polish a turd.


by Scooj


  • The last political one for a while…I need to get back to nature and the environment and love and things like that.

The 48 per cent


I’m sick of hearing

it’s the will of the people.

It is not my will.


by Scooj

  • Every time I hear the Government trot out the words that the Brexit is the will of the British people, they are excluding the 48% who voted to remain. Are we not British people? This lot will never carry me with them as long as they use this bullying kind of coercive language.