Reasons to be cheerful


Blue sky winter day

sleepy crocuses emerge

troubles put on hold


by Scooj

Winter Heliotrope


Looking for the sun

where there is none to be found

a winter beauty


by Scooj



2639. Stokes Croft

A cheeky little mosaic flower from Angus below the front window of what used to be the It’s All 2 Much art gallery in Stokes Croft. Now, either this is reasonably new (I don’t think it is) or I have been wandering around with my head in the sky. This particular design was used by Angus at Upfest 2017 and there are a few of them in Bedminster, but I’ve not noticed this one in Stokes Croft before.

Angus, Stokes Croft, Bristol, December 2019
Angus, Stokes Croft, Bristol, December 2019

Always witty and pushing for new ideas, Angus has created this Mario Brothers flower using mosaic tiles, which give it a pixellated look a la video game. So good to see his work in North Bristol… something of a rarity for this artist.